Friday, January 16, 2009


I've only been actively learning and discovering BDSM for a few months, and one of the most important lessons I've learned is patience.

Patience isn't just the ability to wait for something. It's also the active preparation of yourself for what you're searching for.. actively looking to improve yourself and what you have to offer, in hopes that when you DO stumble upon the things you are searching for, you're ready to recognize it and accept it.

Things don't happen all at once, no matter how much I, you, or anyone else may want them to. Sure, I'd love to be involved in something stable, serious, and with someone who values me as a person, as well as a sub... but the simple fact that it's not happened shows me that I need to be patient.. because I may not be ready, even if I feel that I am.

I have been blessed with a wonderful Mentor, and He takes care to answer my questions and guide me to learning more of myself, and being able to master myself. He's taught me the value of patience, and He's taught me the value of being aware of my own thoughts and feelings.

Patience is a virtue. Not because waiting is hard.. but because patience is work. It is a constant, daily, active thing. The simple fact that the need to be patient is apparent means that you're not yet ready. So be ready. Know yourself, your value, your needs.. and also know that what you WANT may not be what you need. So be ready. And be patient.

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Soter said...

another brilliant entry.

patience is the understanding that somewhat is happening, and respect for this.