Friday, November 6, 2009

Falling Apart..

“Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.” -Anonymous

You aren't worth falling apart over. That's what they tell me. You made me happy ... and then decided to be classy and brave and dump me via email for the ex I helped you cry over, and have the nerve to give me the friend speech.

Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck loneliness, heartache, and fuck this empty rotting feeling I carry around inside me every day.

I'm fun. I'm cute. I'm sweet, loving, caring.. I bleed, I cry, I sleep, I breathe. I'm a little crazy, but I'm not psycho. I'm a girl with a 85 year old soul, a 5 year old heart, and a pretty damn decent body. I'm in constant pain almost all the time, but I still laugh and move and fuck and scream even though every second of it tears my body in half.

I'm strong. I'll live. Without you.

Someday, someone in this world will love me. Really love me, without doubts, fears, or hesitations. Someone won't take me for granted. Someone will love me as much as I love me, will respect me as much as I respect me, and be strong enough to take me for who and what I am.. and love me.

So fuck you. Fuck everyone else who can't love me, respect me, cherish me, and stand next to me in this big scary, wonderful world. I'll live. Without you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Brief Female Biology & Anatomy Lesson

From the top to the bottom:

"In human anatomy or in mammals in general, the mons pubis (Latin for "pubic mound"), also known as the mons veneris (Latin, mound of Venus) or simply the mons, is the fatty tissue lying above the pubic bone of adult women, anterior to the symphysis pubis. The mons pubis forms the anterior portion of the vulva." ( 18+)

The mons pubis divides into what is called the labia majora which surrounds the labia minora, clitoris, vaginal opening, and other structures of the vulval vestibule.

All of this is part of the external female genitalia (see diagram: 18+).

As a female, your pubic area is generally a description of the area that would typically be covered by pubic hair (this applies even to those who do so choose to remove said hair). This includes your mons, outer labia, etc.. even if the inner labia and other more enclosed regions are not visible.

This is your anatomy as a female. Many are aware of this, but some people need to pay better attention in health class next time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's about how you look.. sometimes..

It is entirely about how you look... in some opinions.

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.” -Bertrand Russell

The truth of the matter is, it is about how you look, yes, but it's more about how others look at you, and how you see yourself.

There are numerous older & very continually successful models... whatever genre you look at. Fashion and Commercial genres are much more strict in some ways, but only sometimes.

Here are ( your supermodels... all of whom are in their later 40s (ish) and still working. They're still famous, iconic, and amazing because people still see them that way. They still see themselves that way. They've got saggy skin, droopy boobs, stretch marks, etc... but are still the unequaled & unmatched top supermodels. You don't have to be young and amazing forever.. just amazing.

There's also a goodly number of older fetish models, art models, and you-name-it models that are over 30 and still going quite strong.

There's no reason your world ends when your hips are wider then they used to be, boobs a little lower, or skin a little less resilient. Your world as a model simply then needs to be redefined.

Yes, for a good amount of time, you can coast your modeling based upon your youth & general appearance together, but the fact of the matter is, whether or not you've the skill and determination to retain your beauty and develop your skill enough to be in demand as your youth is slowly lost to time.

There are a number of models who will burnt out hard and fast. They party too hard, drink too much, hurt to much, and don't care enough to take care of themselves, emotionally or physically. They ride the world of youthful immortality. Shit catches up, and they learn lessons and life the hard way. Some learn enough to re-try, a new way. Some don't learn and fade away, run away, or go out kicking and screaming and cursing the world to the very end of their days.. constantly clinging to the lost yester years of their lives.

Some models age gracefully.. focusing on enhancing their skills and widening their abilities while caring for themselves. They get those lovely lines from decades of laughter and tears.. stretched skin from giving life, losing life, and loving life.. and there's something lovely about it still. They work, well and often, because they embrace their time in this world, and flourish in it. The world continues to see them as powerful, strong, beautiful women.. and desires to continue to see them as such.

You can not gauge your worth by your age, measurements, experience, etc. They're all factors in it, yes.. but in the end, you gauge what you're worth by what it's worth to you, and to those who observe, admire, desire, and are inspired of you.

My rate, Anna's rate, Cindy Crawford's rate... are all relative to each of us. Our appearance, skills, ages, sizes, etc.. are small factors in the over all whole that each one of us is.

As Raelyn stated.. you can choose to work with someone for the love of it. For lunch and a bus ride.. for garments you enjoy, shoes you obsess over, cash you need.. but in the end, each and every single individual arrangement and transaction is a variable of what it's worth to you and the person you're arranging with.

I've made $1000 in the same amount of time, doing the same amount of work, in the same genre, as I have in doing it in exchange for cookies, lovely work, and a hug.

It's all case by case. Take the dreams of art you make, the dreams of sex, the dreams of style, the dreams of torture.. and put a price tag on it. Then look at that dream again, as it changes for each shoot, each artist, each job, each day.. and tell me that it doesn't change.

Price tags are simply starting points. Pick yours.. but don't be afraid to sometimes forget that it's there. Sometimes, prices aren't worth the cost... and sometimes the cost is greater then the price tag.

Re-posted here because someone asked me to.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In regards to "Epic"..

The definition of Epic:

  /ˈɛpɪk/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ep-ik]

1. noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style: Homer's Iliad is an epic poem.
2. resembling or suggesting such poetry: an epic novel on the founding of the country.
3. heroic; majestic; impressively great: the epic events of the war.
4. of unusually great size or extent: a crime wave of epic proportions.

... I don't claim to have "epic" anything... I don't want to be a legend because of my tits, ass, or other sundry parts.. I want to be a legend because I, as a whole & as a person.. am worthy to be so..

One can't truly label oneself as "epic". Legends and heroes aren't made because some floozy decided to call themselves such. Legends are made because a person, whoever or whatever they may be.. became more then themselves. They, a mother, a father, a pet, a child.. whoever, became legends because of their feats, their love, their honor, and their courage.

In Japan, there's a statue that serves as a meeting place for many people. It's just outside of the Shibuya Station. It's a very simple statue, honestly rather normal looking. It's a bronze sculpting of an Akita breed dog. His name is Hachikō.

(as taken from the Wiki article, which details the story better then I can:

In 1924, Hachikō was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. During his owner's life Hachikō saw him off from the front door and greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno did not return on the usual train one evening. The professor had suffered a stroke at the university that day. He died and never returned to the train station where his friend was waiting.

Hachikō was given away after his master's death, but he routinely escaped, showing up again and again at his old home. Eventually, Hachikō apparently realized that Professor Ueno no longer lived at the house. So he went to look for his master at the train station where he had accompanied him so many times before. Each day, Hachikō waited for Professor Ueno to return. And each day he did not see his friend among the commuters at the station.

The permanent fixture at the train station that was Hachikō attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachikō and Professor Ueno together each day. They brought Hachikō treats and food to nourish him during his wait.

This continued for 10 years, with Hachikō appearing only in the evening time, precisely when the train was due at the station.

(story continued on the Wiki:

This is an "Epic" legend. And the only thing it took to become so was unfailing love and loyalty from a dog, for his owner.

Another story..

Author and lecturer, Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child.

The winner was a four-year-old child, whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there.

When his mother asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy replied,
"Nothing, I just helped him cry."

Love, of the most simple, and unselfish kind.. makes a legend. Of a four year old boy.

Legends of industry, of society, are created because they love, passionately, who and what they are. They strive, constantly, unfailingly, to create and inspire.. to shine as brightly as they can. They make music that changes our hearts, films that bring our nightmares, fantasies, heart aches, and dreams to life.. they bring new, wonderful things into this world, and remind us of things that were always here.

Heroes, heroines, myths, legends, and unfailing character aren't something you make yourself into. They're something the world makes you into.

You don't become a true legend.. a real, honest, and inspiring occurrence in the annals of mankind's history by screaming that you are "Epic" at the top of your lungs. You can't "fake it til you make it" at life. It doesn't work that way.. because in the end, when everyone's gone, when it's quiet and lonely.. you still have to be who you are.

Helen of Troy .. the "face that launched a thousand ships".. the "ideal beauty" of the world.. became "epic" for the sole fact that her dazzling grace, iconic beauty, and unfailing stupidity sent the entire Greek world into the fires of Hell. Deceit, adultery, shallowness, and the destruction of an entire people.. all because some guy couldn't keep it in his pants over some pretty chick. So yeah, I guess if one wants to be "epic" based solely on their face, boobs, ass, etc.. you can. Just make sure you cause the complete annihilation and horrific deaths of every man, woman, and child in your nation when doing so. Sure seems like a great way to be remembered.

So go ahead.. scream.. shout.. beg.. and cry. Run from yourself in vapid, dizzying spirals of self destruction. Never fail to point your finger at those you've created into cheap copies of who you are, despising them for showing you your failings and miseries. We always despise most in others what we hate most in ourselves.

And when, if, the day comes that you embrace these doubts.. accept your failures, your limits.. face your nightmares, and conquer them.. then, to someone, if even only to yourself.. you will be a hero. A legend. An epic story of courage and love.

Friday, July 24, 2009

There are days..

Ya, I've almost throttled my share of people.

I have to purposely schedule days of nothing at all so that I can give my body recovery time. I've no internal clock left, no regular sleep/eat schedule.

I've had more then one photographer try to pull that "I do more work & invest more time/money then you do" crap. They usually realize how much of an asshole they are when I then sit down, and show them exactly what it is I have to do every day for me to make all this work.

There are days though.. when it gets overwhelming. Days when I'm commuting for 10-12 hours, when my spine feels like it's tearing away from my body, when I'm exhausted and starving, but can't really sleep because I can't fit comfortably enough in a full plane & can't bring myself to eat much because then I feel sick to my stomach when flying. Days when I've been shooting once, twice, three times a day for the last week, and then dealing with someone calling and throwing a fit because they don't understand why I can't fit them in my schedule this trip.

But then you have those days where it's worth it.. where you know this is who you are and what you should be doing. When you meet photographers who you click so well with that the shoot rolls like water in the sea. When a 4, 6, 8 hour gig leaves you feeling wonderful and amazing and beautiful, when you're energized and excited about the work you just did. When you get to meet those other people who make you laugh so hard your ribs ache, smile so much your face hurts.. those people who can completely relax you simply with their prescence, who make you feel happy and safe and comfortable. When you get to visit new places that catch you off guard.. a glimpse of a sunset over a hill, the water breaking on a dock.. the odd musical quality of traffic in a major city, or the soft whispers of rain in a forest.

I love it. With utterly every fiber of my being, with every twinge of my soul. It's who I am, what I am.. it's what makes me tick, makes me breath. It's my passion, my heart, my blood. It's the music in my mind, the twinkle in my eye, and the dance in my step.

I hate it also. With a firey burning passion sometimes. But that burning, that aching, that horrible frustration and exhaustion.. it what makes the loving, beautiful days so much more so.

And I'm so glad for it.
Shiva Love's addition:

In order to do this, I've made it not into 'work,' but into a lifestyle. I've sacrificed my ability to have a 'normal' existence, since the things I've experienced modeling, and the lifestyle it's created for me, has put me far outside the mainstream. I have surrender my ability to fit with most groups of people, even if they're in my age group and socioeconomic class. I have sacrificed my ability to ever be a public school teacher, a public servant, a politician. I have given up my right to a certain type of ownership of my own body - since many people now own many pieces of me. I fully accept that, at any point in my life, I could be the subject of negative criticism and public ridicule. Every day, I am stereotyped in different ways. I could be asked to leave my neighborhood, place of worship, or resign from my job.

In exchange for those sacrifices, I have gained a sense of personal accomplishment, independence, a notion of what makes life worth living. I have tangible proof of the beauty one life can create. I have rejected those old taboos and fears about my sexuality. I have encouraged, though my work, other women to do the same. I have learned to understand and care for my body as a resource and a point of pride. I have learned to care for my mind as a creative tool. I respect what I have, as an individual, to give to the world. I have looked at the world, and seen how I could recreate it in a unique way.

No one can convince me that I don't invest a lot...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not enough..

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don’t I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me,
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break,
I crave, I love, I’ve waited long enough,
I try as hard as I can.

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don’t I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

I laugh, I feel, I make believe it’s real,
I fall, I freeze, I pray down on my knees,
I hope, I stand, I take it like a man,
I try as hard as I can.

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don’t I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

Friday, June 12, 2009


"Woman is not born: she is made. In the making, her humanity is destroyed. She becomes symbol of this, symbol of that: mother of the earth, slut of the universe; but she never becomes herself because it is forbidden for her to do so.” -Andrea Dworkin

Monday, February 16, 2009


I feel you
though you're not here
watching, asking, guiding
Following my hands
as they slide across my skin
gently touching, caressing
Pushing me for more
grasping, pulsing
closer, so close
Your voice in my head
harder, faster, more
slower, stop
breathe.. now
breathe.. now
go, faster
less, slower, softer
Talking in my ear
futher, go futher
throbbing, pushing
More, push more
tender, sharp scratching
grasping at my skin
Hands moving on their own
telling, searching, coming
though you're not here
I feel you

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a pause...


I jump


my flesh quivering in anticipation


aching, yearning for the bite


Sharp, tender, chewing


ripping meat, smelling blood
moist sting, soft touch
admiration of self's skill
gentle brush, a drip, a drop
delicious stinging, burning

a pause

a braid, gliding, catching
pulling raw flesh, twisting welts
tight, tighter, tightened
more binding, more bound
soft touch, gentle pull
tugging, tying, knotting
a flick, a gasp, a moan
more pulling, a pinch, a sigh
lift, lifting, higher
a knot, a drop, freedom
stretching, spinning

a pause

Click, flash
Click, flash
Click, flash
bend, flex
Click, flash
twist, arch
Click, flash
tug, lift, loosen
Click, flash

a pause

touching my calf, caressing
tracing line along knee, thigh, hip
cupping cheek
a slap, burning
delicious heat, so hot.. so wet
touching, tickling, teasing
more heat, more wet
exhale, sigh, moan
inhale, leather, sweat

a word.. please..
a pull, a tug
leather falling, sliding
a word.. open..
hard into soft, warm
a touch.. a caress..
tasting, touching, please, pleasing
feeling, breathing,licking, kissing
whorship, adoration

a pause

Friday, February 13, 2009


Bending me over.
Sliding a hand along my shoulder, back, ribs
down to my hips, waist.
Lifting my ass into the air, ready, waiting
pushing my head down, pulling my arms back.
Slipping rope over my skin
around legs, over waist, binding wrists
Touching fingers to thighs, ass, lips
caressing, gliding, sliding
Reaching forward and fisting my hair
pulling, tugging, soft and firm
Putting yourself inside me, slowly
quickly, faster, harder
Rope twisting, pinching, rubbing
scraping, pulling
Harder, deeper, so deep
I can feel you pulsing, throbbing
thrusting, pushing, pounding
Wet, moist, dripping
I tighten, loosen, tighten
moaning, sighing, crying
Rope grinding, skin grinding
flesh hot, sweaty
Then hardest, release, wet
soft, sigh, breathe

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please.. just.. please..

make the pain go away, come back, linger

I want to lie down
without feeling that throbbing ache
And sit up without every nerve
ending in my spine SCREAMING in agony.
To bend over without the horrid flash
of my muscles in terror of movement
To be able to cook, or clean, or BREATHE
without the feeling that my vertebrae are clawing
scratching, biting, RIPPING away from my body
That heavy thud, the sharp pain of leather against flesh
trading pain for pain, striking, snapping, slapping
The sharp bite, quick, clean, small
agonizingly lovely flashes of hurt and small bits of blood
To smell the scent of leather and rope
that clings to your skin.. pours from your skin
Feel your hand on the back of my neck
softly holding, gently keeping
Leather and steel encircling my throat
firmly keeping, strongly holding
The almost too hot burn of hemp
pulling quickly over tender places
tightening, grasping, pulling, lifting
Rough hands, calloused, well worn and loved
caressing skin, fingertips kissing raised flesh and pale skin
Sharp teeth, sharp pain, sharp and vivid memory
welling up like blood, like tears
Scratches, hard, sudden
tearing skin and burning marks
Salty emotion releasing, flowing, falling
touched, tasted, remembered
A sigh, a breath, collapse
contented silence, sitting, touching
Pleased, pleasing, please..

Friday, January 16, 2009


I've only been actively learning and discovering BDSM for a few months, and one of the most important lessons I've learned is patience.

Patience isn't just the ability to wait for something. It's also the active preparation of yourself for what you're searching for.. actively looking to improve yourself and what you have to offer, in hopes that when you DO stumble upon the things you are searching for, you're ready to recognize it and accept it.

Things don't happen all at once, no matter how much I, you, or anyone else may want them to. Sure, I'd love to be involved in something stable, serious, and with someone who values me as a person, as well as a sub... but the simple fact that it's not happened shows me that I need to be patient.. because I may not be ready, even if I feel that I am.

I have been blessed with a wonderful Mentor, and He takes care to answer my questions and guide me to learning more of myself, and being able to master myself. He's taught me the value of patience, and He's taught me the value of being aware of my own thoughts and feelings.

Patience is a virtue. Not because waiting is hard.. but because patience is work. It is a constant, daily, active thing. The simple fact that the need to be patient is apparent means that you're not yet ready. So be ready. Know yourself, your value, your needs.. and also know that what you WANT may not be what you need. So be ready. And be patient.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who hires who..

When you hire a model, you're doing it for one or more of a few reasons:

- the model has a look you need/want for your port
- the model has the experience you need/want for your port
- the model has a skill you need/want for your port
- the model has a "name" or such that would benefit your port

There's probably a few more reasons, but those are the most common.

When a model hires a photographer, it's for one or more of a few reasons:

- the photographer has a look you need/want for your port
- the photographer has the experience you need/want for your port
- the photographer has a skill you need/want for your port
- the photographer has a "name" or such that would benefit your port

When a client hires a model/photographer/team, it's for one or more of a few reasons:

- a look in need/want for their project
- the experience in need/want for their project
- a skill in need/want for their project
- a "name" or such that is in need for their project

When both parties work trade, it's for one or more of a few reasons:

- a look both parties need/want for their port
- the experience both parties need/want for their port
- a skill both parties need/want for their port
- a "name" or such that would benefit both parties' portfolios

One should always strive to "trade up" when working trade. PYPI can expunge on this in more detail.

It can't be explain much clearer then that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Credit list..

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