Sunday, September 26, 2010

I still feel you..

your heart beat, your breath
the hair against my skin
sweat and muscle flexing, pushing
the shake of your body
when you push into me, pull from me
the hurried moan
closer, further, harder
my nails digging, ripping
a hard thrust
my breath catches in my throat
your name pounding through my blood
pulling you closer, tighter
dragging you into me
fucking me, holding me
breaking me
bearing into me

I can feel you
in my sleep, in my waking
every morning
every night
I try not to
but still

I can feel you

1 comment:

the fallen angel social club said...

often the words you use make it hard to comment on an image without making the comment sound rather lightweight and trivial .... that is to say they carry such gravitas that a through away image comment would simply not do

however I shall run that risk as the time honoured "stunning image" comment must be made